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Experience-driven logistics, linking expertise with global
networks for efficient cargo transport.

Expert Solutions for

Worldwide Cargo Transport

We’re an Amsterdam-based international shipping company specializing in swift, cost-effective transportation. With extensive in-house expertise, we handle (inter)national transport efficiently, whether it’s sea freight from America, Asia, or Oceania, container exports, or European (road) transport.


Worldwide transport of automotives.


Worldwide transport of automotives.

Your International

Shipping Partner

Transportation is dynamic, with varying loads, routes, and destinations. Our adaptable, solution-focused approach meets these challenges. Combined with our global network of agents, your goods are secure with us.

Global Network

Backed by an extensive global network of agents, ensuring the safety and security of your goods throughout transit.

Adaptive Solutions

Recognizing the dynamic nature of transportation, we offer adaptable and solution-oriented approaches to meet specific challenges.

Versatile Expertise

Proficient in managing diverse transport needs, including sea freight from America, Asia, or Oceania, container exports, and European road transport.

Swift & Cost-effective

Based in Amsterdam, we specialize in rapid and affordable international shipping.

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